1-1: Online Spanish Lessons

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1-to-1 Online Private Spanish Lessons

Enjoy learning Spanish online speaking with native! Stop learning with boring apps and speaking Spanish to robots. Enjoy the pleasure of learning Spanish with real people. Private lessons give you the most bang for your buck. Private (1:1) is the most effective way to learn a new language. Students make progress quickly as they have the instructor’s undivided attention.

Depending on student’s needs, we can focus on student´s school material. If no need to focus on any required student material, KDF will provide all e-material for the lessons: E-textbooks, e-workbooks, and all learning material are included in the class fee.

In a private lesson, students make progress quickly as instructor will focus on student´s needs and work at student´s own pace. 

KDF method focuses on applied grammar with big emphasis on phonetics in order to understand context, grammar structure, and, especially, absorb the Spanish culture.

Kasa de Franko recreates material used to teach to Spanish-speaking kids: Emphasis on immersion and the communicative approach as the natural way to learn a language. KDF method helps students get fluent in Spanish—and especially: Think in Spanish!

Student interact with the instructor using examples of everyday activities to learn new words, phonetics, and grammar structure.

Sessions are booked in packages of 5, 10, or 20 hours. Online lessons are conversational and emphasize in-context interaction to learn a new language, rather than translation and memorization.

KDF’s fees for online lessons:

  • 1 hour x $85/hr
  • 5 hours x $80/hr
  • 10 hours x $75/hr
  • 20 hours x $70/hr

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Online Private Lessons

1 Hour $85.00, 5 Hours $400.00, 10 Hours $750.00, 20 Hours $1,400.00


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