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We are a company that offers its customers solutions more than services and technology. From the Jequetepeque Valley Valley, Kopyas de Kolor emerges as a bridge that connects these two seemingly dissimilar worlds. seemingly dissimilar worlds.

Both the Jequetepeque Valley and the Silicón Valley have in common the strength and hard work of their people. Our services reflect not only the strength but also the temperance and the desire of our people to and the desire for self-improvement of our people.

Our customers are located on both sides of the hemisphere, and our customers are just as important to us as our end-user customers. as important to us as the customer who provides services to the end consumer. All our customers are great customers. great customers.


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We don't offer products, we offer solutions We offer you the solutions to the problems you didn't know you had. problems you didn't know you had. Our services offer comprehensive and/or customized solutions to our broad clientele. Our main mission is to serve as a link not only between two geographic areas, but also between other companies and the end consumer. We understand that today's world demands speed and efficiency. That is why we guarantee a top quality product and in record time.

Our team

Pedro - Kopy Kolor vs2
Pedro Lopéz

General Manager

Luis Solano - Kopy Kolor
Luis Solano

Web Technical Development Manager

Jesús - Kopy Kolor vs2
Jesús Farias

Graphic Design Supervisor

Alvaro Echegaray

Project Management Consultant

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Calle Trujillo # 896 - Chepén, La Libertad - Perú.




+51 938 151 354

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